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A & Q

A:  Professional and personalized service
Q:  What can all candidates and clients demand, expect, and appreciate from Patty Shapiro & Associates?

A:  Mentoring, training, motivating and coaching
Q:  What can a candidate expect when they complete the interview process at Patty Shapiro & Associates?

A:  Untapped Top Talent
Q:  What can clients expect when engaging the services at Patty Shapiro & Associates?

A: Competitive prices and satisfaction guaranteed
Q:  What does Patty Shapiro & Associates promise to deliver to their clients time after time?

A:  Corporate culture, integral workplace, and a life-work-balance
Q:  What does Patty Shapiro & Associates commit to research and deliver to their candidates?

A:  One stop recruitment shop for temp, permanent, freelance, and training
Q:  What does Patty Shapiro & Associates offer to all types of candidates looking for specific
recruitment needs?

A:   Most current and user friendly  American and European  publications, as well as on line Trend  services for fashion, home, cosmetic, and several other industries
 Q:  Who is Montreal’s renowned “Nutrendz”?

A:  Connected to your future
Q:  Who is Patty Shapiro & Associates?